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Welcome to dominic_daily!

That's right! You're looking at the one and picture-only community dedicated to the divine Dominic Monaghan. The community will be updated at least once a day, and you're very much welcome to post some of your favourite pictures yourself!

1. At least one picture required per post!
2. Maximum width is 500 pixels. If your picture is wider than that, please use an LJ-cut.
3. If you have a lot of pictures, just post one in the post itself and the rest under an LJ-cut. We don't want to kill anyone's computer.
4. No hotlinking unless you have permission from the webmaster/mistress in question!
5. Please keep text to a minimum. This community is about Dom, not about the alphabet. Also, no test results please - that includes MemeGens.
6. No community pimpage. There are enough other nifty comms for that!
7. Self-made graphics like icons/wallpapers/banners/etc are not allowed. Only original pictures, please.
8. All posts containing "And to make this legal..." that are not about Dom pictures will be rejected. Clearly, you do not grasp the concept of a "Daily" community.

You're more than welcome to introduce yourself, but please keep in mind that posting a kickass picture will probably make you more popular anyway.

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If you have any questions or want to exchange links, please contact me at nefer_tari (at) livejournal (dot) com.

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And please, do not hotlink to any of the pictures posted in this community on your website. If you want to put the picture in your own journal or website, link to the community entry or upload it to your own server instead. Don't leech off anyone's bandwidth unasked. Thanks.

Your friendly communorator,